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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have you prepared your team to grow?

As the company outgrows your ability to be everywhere, ensure that your team is prepared and accountable for the tasks you have delegated.
Remember, removing one bottleneck is likely to create another. Think two or three steps ahead when removing yourself from the equation. Growth is frequently constrained by the entrepreneur's ability to source or train new talent. To avoid this, entrepreneurs must morph themselves from "doers" to "teachers."
One CEO and COO of a rapidly growing restaurant chain learned this lesson when they excommunicated themselves from two important weekly meetings. They bid farewell to their employees but failed to appoint any one person responsible for the meeting. No ownership equals no leadership equals no results. Within weeks, the executives had to take back control of the meeting.
Performance Management Self-Assessment:
Are you only person capable certain tasks?
Does your team have the skills they need to run autonomously?
Is someone personally accountable for delivering the results you expect?
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