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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What should I work on today?

What if your company lacked a consistent process to decide which opportunities to follow and which fires to fight? What if you had no tangible feedback on customer satisfaction, design productivity, or market share? Even worse, what if you had no customers, products, or market share? No, it's not a nightmare; it's a typical early stage company.

“What should I work on today?” is a question that entrepreneurs ask themselves every day.

Rightfully so. The success or failure of rapidly growing but resource constrained businesses depends directly upon their founders' ability to juggle a variety of diverse tasks. Paradoxically, because startups generally operate on the thinnest of margins, success or failure hinges on entrepreneurs' ability to focus all of their effort on exactly the right issue, at the exactly right time. Only by catching fires early and extinguishing them as quickly as possible, can entrepreneurs carve out time to create real value.

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