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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chefs, Not Bakers in Harvard Business Online!

 A small sliver of our research on entrepreneurial decision making was recently published on Harvard Business Online! Here's a snippet:
"You may be the reason your company isn't growing. You are micromanaging — and it's stifling the organization you are trying to build. Our research tells us that the very management style that enables a founder to get a company off the ground — a zealous focus on tactical execution — often derails growth down the line. Lost in the heat of battle, many entrepreneurs fail to adapt their management style to the evolving needs of their growing organizations..."
Check out the article over at HBR to see what the 100+ seasoned venture capitalists and serial entrepreneurs we interviewed said about how to balance growth and control and don't forget to take the survey at the end of the quiz if you want personalized advice on your management style!
Thanks and we look forward to seeing your results!
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