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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Design as a Tool for Innovation

Design is a powerful tool for the innovator; as a source of innovation, and as a tool for optimizing consumer appeal of new technology. Design can be used to create new markets for existing technology or to enhance the appeal of a new offering. Design can be used to stimulate visual appeal, connect a product with image of the consumer, enhance the enjoyment of the consumer, and make the product easier to understand and use. Design can be applied to all elements of the offer, including the product, the user interface, the web site and all other consumer touch points. In addition, the design of the product communicates what that product is, how the product is used, what the product does and conveys the unique personality associated with the product and brand. Any time a consumer comes in contact with your offer, that connection point, or touch point, should work in harmony to optimize the consumer experience, and reinforce the personality, tone and values of the brand.

To be continued...