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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Self-Sensoring: Facebook Knows Better

Facebook’s business model is founded on the monetization of its user data for various marketing purposes including market research and targeted advertising. As a result, a user signing up to use Facebook must agree to the SNS’ terms of usage and data use policy. By doing do, a user gives Facebook permission to monitor and track pretty much everything that they do or store on the site including their profile, postings, photos, friends, and likes. 

While many users may be aware of this, most don’t realize Facebook’s data collection policy is actually so aggressive that it even tracks information that a user “self-sensors” such as posts that a user types but decide not to post. Regardless, many are being put-off by what they consider to be a blatant invasion of their privacy.

A recent survey conducted by a market research Eircom shows that 48.3% of the users that have quit using Facebook did so due to privacy concerns. In the meantime, the SNS keeps growing in absolute numbers and in 2015 is expected to surpass China as the largest "coutry" in the world.